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Ghosts of Britain - Project-reveal - Project Paranormal

Ghost of britain is our umbrella name which forms into two teams



We are a paranormal ghosts investigations group of 6 people, based in South Yorkshire, Rotherham who investigates ghost sightings, and paranormal activity in and around the Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and other surrounding  Areas.


Project-reveal always take an open minded approach to the paranormal and aims for a professional investigations with elements of scientific and spiritualism activitys, we always try to fine natural causes for activity and present our evidence to you to make up your own mind.


Working to get the best results we can from an investigation we have a huge array of equipment such as: See Our Equipment E.M.F Meters, CCTV with infrared, Camcorders with night-shot, Dictaphones, EVP devices such as EFP and RT DAS EVP, Franks box's, IR Flood lights, Flash Camera's, Thermometers, Boom Mic for EVP, Radios, also we use a Van Der Graaf, Plasma ball, and strobe light for experiments and plenty more!


If You Are Truly Haunted, We Have The Equipment To Find Out


We have a selection of photos, Videos, EVPs and always adding more, so its always worth checking.

We also have a list of investigations and events planned, and welcome any ideas or questions you might have.

Feel free to e-mail us anytime.



Project Paranormal

Project Paranormal is a team which is formed from two teams, Project Reveal and Knights Templar Paranormal, we have formed to together to bring you investigations from across the UK, Scotland and Ireland, we are a team of 4, so 2 from each team who share the same passion within the field, we currently have our tv show airing on Showcase on channel 212 and the first ep is on 29th October 2016. Our main aim is to show the public how the paranormal field really is and actually how a paranormal investigation goes without all the fakery and entertainment that other shows tend to provide.

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