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Arundel Jailhouse Ghosts & Sightings


The Arundel Jailhouse Ghosts Experience


Built in 1836, the year before Queen Victoria took to the throne,  the Arundel Town Hall Prison was used to house inmates who had been convicted upstairs in the court rooms. Home to many resident ghosts, Arundel Jailhouse is a hotbed of paranormal activity and regularly visited by many paranormal groups for investigation. The Jailhouse consists of a lobby, main central area, 3 cells, a séance room and the solitary confinement cell. Inmates were either taken to the Police Constable’s house and then escorted across The Yard (now the Town Hall car park) and led down to the cells or if convicted above in the court rooms were then led directly down from there.




 To book a Ghost investigation at this great historic site visit there website at www.arundeljailhouse.co.uk.

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Ghost Sightings Interview Video

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