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Why Can Ghosts Walk Through Walls?

By lee steer, Jun 20 2012 02:18PM

Todays Question is one which is sometimes asked alot,

there have also been a number of reporting were people claime to have seen a ghost Walking through Walls. But if ghost exist. Why Can they walk through walls. Here are a number of reasons on what i could Find.

Ghosts Have no Pysical Body, so they can pass through anything. As some think our body is a shell.

Some think they are made up of Energy so when they walk into a wall they are grounding them selfs.

When they were alive they may see things as they saw them, and there would be no wall, in that place in there world, so that could be why people see them walk through walls?

Can you list some reasons?

User sent in picture of the day.

Strange Hands - Look to the right of the cott.

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