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A Night Of Paranormal Investigations @ Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall Ghost Hunts Investigation OCTOBER 2011


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Event Date:- 8th October 2011

Time: 8pm-4am

With the earliest paranormal sighting at this manor house being recorded in the 17 century and a consistent, regular and ever growing list of occurrences to this day.


Project-reveal are pleased to be able to offer unrestricted access to this very active manor house. Recorded activities include phantom children, moving furniture, orbs and noises a plenty plus much more. Join us to discover what else waits behind the doors at Bolling hall.


snacks, hot and cold drinks available all night.


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Why Should You Come To Our Ghost Hunt Events?


Project-reveal Offer the Best, Cheapest Prices and deals out there

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Project-reveal lets you use there equipments


You will get to meet the team of our paranormal investigators based in south yorkshire known as Project-reveal.


Project-reveal Teach you methods of investigation and shows you how to work equipments.


Project-reveal have a huge selection of Equipment, equipment whats not even been seen on taps or most haunted.


Project-reveal Is a dedicated group of friends who all share a passion and a thirst for knowledge into the paranormal field of the unknown, and will loved to be challanged with questons.


Project-reveal conduct scientific experiments on public events never before seen on tv.


All Members are friendly, approachable and easy to talk to some are believers, some sceptics, others sensitive or just plain open minded.


Project-reveal uses elements of scientific and spiritualism activitys, although we do always try to fine natural causes for activity and present our evidence to you to make up your own mind.

Scientific Activities

The History and Sightings!!


This is very popular location, so much so that it gets booked up very quickly. Not only with the venue its self but with most paranormal groups.


Mentioned in the doomsday book in 1086, it is hard to believe that Bolling Hall stands tucked away in a picturesque corner less than a mile from a busy city centre.


This magnificent stone house has survived many owners and bloody wars.


During the Civil War the household supported the Royalist cause, and the house provided a stronghold during the ‘siege of Bradford’.


The oldest part of the building is a late-medieval tower, now used as the entrance, at the southern end of the garden front.


Many additions have been made to the house over the years but none of these were designed to harmonize with the earlier work.


Bolling Hall therefore exhibits an inspiring mixture of styles with layer upon layer of intriguing history. But who still lingers within the walls of Bolling Hall.


There are many sightings at the Hall that are too numerous to list, including female voice's, crying babies and dragging noises that are often heard throughout the hall.


A group of Parliamentarian Officers have been seen approaching from the east section of the grounds. Although they’re sudden disappearance cannot be explained.


A lady in 1960's clothing was seen sitting in the exhibit room in a chair that has been in the same position for several years.


On one occasion a museum guide kindly asked this lady to leave as it was closing time and the lady got up and walked out through the wall.


We had quite a night on our last visit to Bolling Hall and felt we needed to return.

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