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Paranormal Ghost Hunting Books


Welcome to our index of books.

If you are looking to read about great famous ghost storys, learn about the paranormal community and its equipments, Spooky ghost pictures & encounters from the genral public, Profesional Log sheets to document your investigation and findings


You have come to the right place.

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Paranormal Magazine

The Ghost Hunting Magazine

Issue 1 & 2 OUT NOW

A new fresh paranormal magazine series

A Truly Collectable Magazine


In a unique style of steam punk, professional hand drawn illustrations

by wayne ridsdel,


Investigative researches

Lee steer,  Wayne Ridsdel, Phil and John Williams


Features Famouns Hauntings re visited

Ghost Hunting Secrets,  A to Z, Paranormal Equipment, Ghost Pictures, Faked Ghost Pictures, Old traditions, How to make's and much much more

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If you would like to appear in our books, please send us your ghost storys and pictures here


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