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Paranormal Ghost Competition


Its never been so easy to enter and WIN some great paranormal ghost hunting prizes. with just 5 easy steps.. Happy Ghost Hunting and GOOD LUCK!!








1. Click "Like" Above.


2. Go to our fan page - HERE


3. On the left hand side of our fan page click "Suggest to Friends"


4. Select 200 friends and click "SEND"

5. Once sent, Post your FULL "Facebook Name" in Our "Competition Entries Box"


31 - JAN - 2011 Competition Ends!



HD Camcorder, + Night shot

2 Passes To ANY PR Investigation

 1 NEW!! ESF Meter

2 Cannon Flash Camera's

pr website

Please note

you can only win one prize per person,

Top Prize been the Camcorder.

IMG_1107 IMG_1107 IMG_1107

P-R Investigation DVD

Ghost Hunting Book

Win Win Win.

One of these great prizes