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EVP Recorings 2012

Welcome to our NEW EVP Recordings page 2012

Here at project-reveal you can learn about EVP, and its devices.

View EVPS caught with our equipment on investigations also new ways of investigating with EVP DEVICES.


Want to learn about EVP's, you have come to the right place!

EVP Location: Cafe Sports Bar, Swinton.

One of our best EVPS Caught!

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EVP Equipment



EVP Field Processor


What is EVP?

Learn About EVP'S

What Equipment can you use to capture EVP

How to do an EVP.

How to do an EVP.



EVP Location: Noose and Gibbet, Sheffield.

A collection of EVPS caught in this great historic hotel!

EVP Location: Maltby Private House

Strange events and an evp we caught while doing a private house investigation

EVP Location: Hellaby Hall Hotel, Rotherham

Our first evp in over 3 years!