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We at project-reveal are looking for Funding and sponcorships, to help Project-reveal carry out our research scientificly, bringing to you new Ghost Documentarys on heritage sites,


What Will the money be used for? : Funding Of www.project-reveal.com Keeps the website open as project-reveal is a huge website and takes up loads of space so  the website costs more to say open per year.


Venue Hire - In order to bring to you scientific investigations we need to book venues, so we can carry out our research on the sightings and a full documented investigation.


We will not jus take money, without giving you something in return, each package will contain certain perks on what we will offer back for a thank you. Which makes sponcering more worthy.


  • X small - A Thank you Message on Facebook Fanpage to the payee.


  • Small - A Thank you Message on Facebook, youtube, and twitter.


  • Medium - + Same as above & A link to your website on our links page "Can be a banner"


  • X Large - Same as above &  A thank you message to the person or company on our entrance page, with a banner if you have one. Our entrance page is most visited page. + A thank you Postcard signed by all the team.


  • XX Large - Same as above & your own personal page on Project-reveal.com Under Services Tab. +  1 free copy of offical Book. Signed by all the team.


  • XXX Large - Same as above & Your Banner added onto our youtube videos newly made for the year "as sponcered by" also The title Co producer on our  Official DVDs "made available all over net and stores and Youtube videos & Co Author on all our books, publiched upto 2013.


If you have any questions please contact me

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If you would like to appear in our books, please send us your ghost storys and pictures here

Funding & sponsorship packages

for www.Project-reveal.com

Scientific Ghost Hunting.