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Ghost Hunting Laser Grid For Paranormal Investigations


A cheaper more affordable laser Grid used for paranormal Investigations


Project-reveals Price is : See Amazon link .

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What is a laser grid and why use it?


Our Laser grid is a powerfull laser pen with 5 attachments, one of them splits the main laser beam into smaller laser beams which can cover entire walls EVEN ROOMS! Twist the Caps to change the look of the room, Smaller dots, Bigger dots, millions of dots.. Your choice.


Capture ghostly shadows

Set the Pen on a tripid with a clamp or elastic band, shine the pen towards an area you want to monitor, Place a camera behind the pen, and see if you can make out shadows moving in and out of the dots.

Spice things up by putting a K2 meter in the grid or an EVP Recorder.


Capture ghostly Images

Yet again set the pen up, behind the cam place a camcorder , cctv or Flash cam and take photos "without flash" and see if you get any GREEN Images what are up close in the grid.

"If someone was to walk infront of the grid you will glow green and give off a green boody and out line"


Our lasers have been used by


Take a look at what they Caught.