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Ghost Pictures 2010


Here you will find ghost pictures that were sent in by the public, at the end of 2009 / 2010.


Feel free to look at the ghost photos that our viewers have sent in.

If you would like to send in your ghost photos click HERE.

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Name: Sandy

Location: streets of Savannah, Georgia

Nov 13, 2010

Info: on a Ghost Tour standing

outside a cemetary.  I had my Canon set for Night photos.  I know it was a solid

image when I shot the photo I can't explain it.

Name: Janell

Location: Ridgecrest School

Info: Look at the little boy, second row, fourth from the right.

What is that beside him? I can tell you my theory if you think it's not something with the camera or lighting.


Name: Sara chick

Location: N/A

Info: this was taken in my back garden on the 31th july on my husbands 40th birthday if you look into the fire you can seee many  faces

Name: leta turkington

Location: N/A

Info: i have these orbs in most of my pics i have around 20 pics with them just about my head!! and have lots of unexplained things happen around my house!!

Name: phoebe williams

Location: south west wales UK

Info: I was out one evening with my father, braking in my horse, i was taking photos

of him being broken in, and this one came out very strange. My horse was usually

very clam and collective, but on this night he was highly spirited and wild. Out

of all the photos i took, i came across this one, which came out very strangely.

If you look closely there is a face of a man in the horses face, this is not the

reflection of my father, and it is most certainly not adobe edited, this truly

is real. I find it strange, and i wonder who that face is? does look like my

grandad who also used to break horses in, but who knows???



Name: Georgiy  ValeryevichPotulov

Location: Mount Charleston in

Las Vegas

Info: I really dont believe in ghost but this photo put a tear in my eye, I was hiking

up Mount Charleston in Las Vegas and maybe about 3 miles before the peak I took

a few photos from my cell phone, One happend to be of a tree. This tree didnt

have this peach colored spot on it when i was taking the pic, but afterwards

when i loaded it on my email, I found what looks like a spot. And if you zoom in

you can see a defined 3d looking face. Now the only thing that bothers me about

the pic is that it has the color of a face, the kind of color that you wont find

on a tree. Here is the pic.


Name: Tiffanie

Location: Eustis

Info: I have been looking at houses in Maine for a long time. I recently came across these pictures of a house in Eustis on a real estate site. I don't see how this

could be dust, bugs, glares, ect.. I have more pictures.

Name: Lonnie Ledbetter

Location: N/A

Info: Not sure if you are able to tell

if this is a raindrop or some type of orb.

It wasn't raining very hard, but still thought this looked quite odd

Name: angela michie

Location: N/A

Info: Pics of orbes from church

Name: Bill Birkbeck

Location: Kent

Info: I was walking alone

through the woods taking pictures,

I stopped and took a picture of the sun

peeking through the trees.

There was no beam of sunlight going

towards the ground, the ground wasn't lit up in a circle shape. The area that the picture

was taken in was an open area,quite large,approx 10 feet around. I noticed at

the time there was no noise at all, no birds singing, just complete

stillness.The wood is generally densely packed with trees so not alot of light

can get through. As you can see in the picture,the enclosure is quite close to

the edge of the wood but in my opinion there was still insufficient light to

make that 'effect' you see in my picture.

There is some history linked to those woods surrounding a girl who died in a car

crash in the 1960's approximately a mile from the picture site. She has been

sighted many!

  a time in the past. Also the woods are part of the North Downs Way which have

the megalithic stones 'Kits Coty' and the 'White Horse Stone'.

All the people I have shown the picture to have seen one or more faces within

the apparition,even those who are cynical to these type of issues have been

unable to find an explanation for it. I would be most grateful for your opinion

on this subject. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,



Name: mark

Location: N/A

Info: took a picture of my dog with my smartphone and it seems to be a face with eyes nose mouth n ear's above my dog....

Name: Preston White

Location: N/A

Info: Little girl gost apears in top left corner of pic. Taken in girls bedroom.

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