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Ghost Pictures 2012


Here you will find ghost pictures that were sent in by the public from the start of 2012.


Feel free to look at the ghost photos that our viewers have sent in.

If you would like to send in your ghost photos click HERE.

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Name: Joshua Harris

Location: jefferson tx

Info: Photo 1. This pic was taken at the jefferson hotel in jefferson tx. after looking at the pics i notice the face in the glass it was me and my dad and i had the camra .no

one else was near .

Photo 2 - This is a pic of ahouse in jefferson tx .as you can see there is a large blue orb and many smaler white ones

Photo 3 -

This is a pic of my lil bro and his friend whating for the firework show to

start in jefferson tx . lil did we now there was a large orb above are head .I

didnt belive in ghost but after visting jefferson i have to take a second look.

I have MANY more orb pics but those were some of the best

Name: Colin Bilsland

Location: N/A

Info: bought a ww2 jacket and asked someone to take a pic of me wearing it ... to my surprise there was two hands in front of me (not mine) .... the jacket is now in

the celler


Name: Rebecca

Location: N/A

Info: Hi - I just uploaded 3 pics my daughter took at a wedding that took place on 12/28/2010. We are total skeptics and are kinda freaked out. It was sitting in

front of me, she said. I told her to stop taking pics because I sas worried it

was distracting those around us. While were leaving she explained what she was

doing and showed us the pics. Here's the second of the three for you. Weird

stuff. Not orbs.

Name: Tammy

Location: Unknown

Info: I snapped a pic of smoke to find

this image,PR Says This just goes to

show what smoke can do!


Name: Sabina


Info: Hello there! I just moved into this house about a week and a half ago. I was

taking pictures and saw this white ball right away. I'm curious if you could

tell me how I can tell the difference between an orb and dust. Or if you can

tell if this is an orb? It seems everybody has their own opinions of what orbs

are. Could you please tell me if it is a spirit? Or something I should be

concerned about? Thank you soooo much!

PR Says: Hey these orbs are just dust from your wall, and light fitting, the colour of the orbs is the same colour as your wall. nothing to fear :)




Name: susannah marshall

Location: Sheffield

Info: These were taken in my bedroom over about 60/90seconds at 6.30ish in the morning and ive got nearly 20 0f these one by one.






Info: .




New Ghost picture Archive.

Due to the high volume of pictures coming through our email, we will post them up in this archive database for you to look through and comment on, which ghost pictures are your best? which are fake? tell us what you think, join in the discussion with Project-reveal!!!

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