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Date: 2010

Location: Doncaster

Investigators: Lee S, Nick, Lee M, Carole, Simon, Rachez

Equipment: 2 Dictaphones, 1 HD camcorders with night shot, 1 EMF meter.

Experiments: N/A

Video Investigation: Yes

IMG_1107 IMG_1107 IMG_1107

Hickleton Ghosts Investigation:

Project-Reveal had a walk round Hickleton Church and it's graveyard.


This wasnt so much an investigation, just a walk round to see what it was like and get a feel for the place. We took photo's, did EMF readings and recorded the night as well.


We first went towars the area were the skulls are cased into the wall. With the traffic round it was difficult to get any results in any part of the site. Two members were left in the area with the skulls but not much happened apart from a few squeek of the gate, which could have been the wind and the camcorder going in and out of focus.


The pictures that were taken showed orbs, but there was a lot of moisture in the air that night due it being so cold. A member of the team thought they sa a face next to another member when they turned round. It was only a small walk round, and we hope to do a full investigation there nex time.

Hickleton Ghost Investigation & Sightings

Hickleton Church yard Ghost's Investigation