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How to Tell If Theres A Ghost In Your House.


How to tell if there is a ghost in your house!!! Very easy and cool! Try it!


And today I am gona tell you a few tips on how to contact a real ghost,


Right first things first, all u need a like a chain, or something what you can dangle,  close all your windows. Be with a friend. Or u can do it alown if u have the guts!  Mwahahahahahaha


Then in your head or out loud, say is there any one there. *or u can say is there any one in my house*


If it moves then Hell yeah you have a ghost!!


Now to start talking to it.


Clockwise for yes!

Anticlockwise for no!

Side to side for, I don’t know.


You can find out a lot of stuff about the ghost in your house. Or a passer buy, with practice you will eventfully be able to talk to any passed spirit.


Also u can use it for your own use, to find lost stuff, to see if some 1 is telling the truth, or to find out were some one is using a map.

It good fun


Intill next time. I will be talking about meditation and how to channel and see ghosts. Interested?


Give it a try! Knock your socks off and happy Halloween!!!! :D


IMG_1107 IMG_1107 IMG_1107