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 Welome to Ghost Searchers Ireland.


Ghost Searchers Ireland  was formed on 27/2/2011. WE as a team believe that both spiritual and scientfic means working side by side is the only way forward! We will be using the state of art scientific equipment plus using the spiritual side dating back hundreds of years. We will be travelling the length and bredth of Ireland and maybe further afield conducting exciting new experiments and theories along the way!

The team consists of Caron, Anne, David, Nicola and Gary, and our US correspondent John Petrik.


Anne has been investigating for nearly eight years, Caron and Gary four plus years, David two plus years, Nicola one year. When we were in a previous group we were part of " Irelands biggest ever ghost hunt", Gary and Caron came up with the idea of doing livestream over the weekend which went out to over 30.000 people world wide.

We also have appeared in a paranormal programme called "The Ghost Effect" which should be coming out late 2011.

The team goes into every location using strict protocol and as skeptics unless we find concrete evidence saying otherwise.


We ourselves at GSI are looking for invinitive proof that ghosts/spirits do exsist! So watch this space.............


GSI team.

Exclusive Group To


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Project-reveal & Ghost Searchers Ireland Statment


On 19th March, 2011  Project-reveal  and Ghost Searchers Ireland  began talks.. and it was discussed that both groups would become exclusive to each others Investigations, In the best intrests of helping both sites grow over sea's.


It was also discussed that both groups would plan on joining up, doing some productions "Investigations" together for our websites.


Been exclusive to each others websites / Investigations does not mean Project-reveal owns or controls Ghost Searchers Ireland and vice versa, we are both totally seperate groups which plan on

 working together bringing you some intresting invetigations!