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Date: 14/05/2010

Location: Maltby

Investigators: Lee S, Nick, Simon, Lee M, Carole, Rachez,

Equipment: 3 CCTV camera’s, 2 Dictaphones, 2 camcorders, 1 k2 EMF meter, 1 emsog EMF meter,

Experiments: Séance, Glasswork, Strobe session,

Video Investigation: Yes 1 - 10 Parts.

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-: Overview :-


Nicole and her boyfriend current house occupants had sent in various reports of paranormal activity such as:-  


Main Bedroom -

Bed bangs almost every night while the homeowner is in bed, as she explained to me, it extremely hard to move the bed alone as it has built in wardrobes which sort of lock the bed in place.


- A window has opened on it's own on one occasion whilst nobody was in the house (homeowner was outside talking to a neighbour who witnessed it open)


Kids Bedroom

- Both children when younger have spoke about an old woman that used to communicate with them in a chair in the corner


Living Room/Stairs

- Ash tray has moved from the mantelpiece into the middle of the living room floor whilst homeowner and friend were in the kitchen



Base Readings














When project-reveal arrived on location, lee and simon started to setup for the interview, while the other members of Project-reveal went around doing base readings while the interview was taking place.


The base readings team had EMF meters, Sound level meters, and temperature meters, there job is to walk about and find all natural causes of EMF, which could result in paranormal activity also take sound readings while there is no one talking, and take temperature readings in every room. Here is what the base readings found to be natural causes.



Maltby Private House

Investigation Photos

The Results Video

The Investigation Videos's

1 - 10 Parts

The Investigation / Results Write up


When project-reveal arrived on location lee and simon setup ready for the interview, while the others got the above base readings, while in mid interview strange happenings started to happen, to the left of the camera is some food with clingfilm wrapped around it. While simon was talking to Nicole the clingfilm made a noise, Lee Steer who was behind the camera watched the filming shrivel, which I thought was abit strange after working in the pub trade many yeays and he has never witnessed anything like that due to the temperatures of the clingfilm or food.


The interview carried on, and suddenly the camera changed colour to like a dark red film… lee had to shout simon to hold the interview so he could fix the issue, on what he has never seen before, However it must be a camera glitch.


The interview carried on for like 10 - 15 mins longer and the client suddenly started to feel sick, and ill, so we turned off the camera,


After the interview and base readings, Project-reveal split up into 2 groups to investigate the house, all equipped with an EMF meter, Dictaphone, flash camera, and a camcorder, they took it in turns to investigate each and every room by doing evp sessions, EMF sessions, séances, and other activities..


After a few hours the groups changed locations and did the same again, to see more on what happened with the groups investigations please watch our videos for more info. Meanwhile after another few hours the groups joined back up for a big séance downstairs.


Everyone joined hands was all asking for anything paranormal to happen. Lee S, was to the right of the camcorder with a CCTV camera. And noticed a noise what sounded like someone knocking the camcorder, Lee shouted “did anyone just move the camcorder” Lee M, shouts no, there was no one around the camcorder..

 Looking back on film Lee M informed me that the camcorders actually does move.. Nothing else significant happened on the night, intill the review of evidence came upon us which Lee M, reviewed the Camcorder footage and noticed 1. The camera shake, 2. Some orbs, 3. A shadow what moves past the door behind everyone!


Nick who does EVP noticed something interesting as well.. There was a voice captured which wasn’t any of ours..

It is unknown what the voice actually says some could only guess. Why don’t you take a look at our Results video and see for you self?


Overall This was a good Investigation.






Maltby Private House Paranormal Investigation