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Ghost Hunting Equipment 2011


This page will list all of our paranormal ghost hunting equipment that we have, and will say there purpose of having that piece of equipment within a paranormal investigations group.

We will also show you some other gadgets what we plan to use as experiments, plus some gadgets you may have never seen or heard of!


Equipment Modifited For Paranormal Investigations

To suggest a piece of equipment to us Email: - asteer8@aol.com



Our Setup Of Ghost Hunting Equipment  2009

"this is now out of date, Please view our videos above to see our full list!"


1. 160GB CCTV System - day and night record - weather proof. With portable monitor

The purpose of having a CCTV System is to record our every move. and to improve chances of possibly catching paranormal activity.


2. tripod -

The purpose of having a tripod is to lock off any CCTV camera's or camcorders to focus on a certain area.


3. Sony camcorders with night shot - CD / memory stick transfer or USB transfer.

4. Compact Digital Camera's

The purpose of a digital camera is to log data of events / investigations and then to later check your data Via a fast backup to the PC through USB. The chances are you could have your first ghost picture there, who knows!?


5. GPS


6. Walkie talkies -

The purpose of having walkie talkies is to keep constant communication with your group when out on investigation with a great number of people


7.CCTV Torch recorder - Day and night - transmits IR light - 3 levels of Brightness - USB link.

There are a few purpose’s of having this cctv Torch recorder. one is to record data wile out in total darkness. What the light sees you can see. 2. is to use it as a flash light / with the huge powerful beam its makes seeing in the dark easy. You can also use this as an accessory to help your bog standard (or nightshot) camcorder see in the night. 


8. IR Torch.

The purpose of having one of these Ir torches is to help your Night shot camera's see better in the dark. to give it an extra boost. This Ir torch as a powerful beam what can reach upto 75m which makes great night time recordings from distances


9. Trigger thermometer

The purpose of having a trigger thermometer is to investigate cold spots - and body temp. when out on investigations.


10. first-aid kit

accidents are bound to happen anywhere so First aid kits must always be accessible.


11. Dictaphone -

The purpose of having a Dictaphone is to do sound recording (E.V.P's) of a supposed haunted area, and ask questions to the Dictaphone (hoping on playback someone would have answered your questions)


12. Sound level meter

The purpose of this gadget is to measure the sound level what’s around you, wile doing a E.V.P recording. If a the number jumps higher then what the base reading was, then it would be a good idea to look at the recording,


13. EMF Meter.

The purpose of having a EMF meter is to spot and locate electromagnetic fields.


14 Bream barriers ( experiment )

beam barriers shoot a IR light, once the IR light is broken, The alarm will sound. This appliance would be used as a trigger object on a investigation.


13 Radio (experiment)

The purpose of having a radio is to produce a constant amount of white noise, There’s a method of were you speak to the Radio, and allegedly sometimes you may get an answer!


14 Strobe light - (experiment)

Some people believe that exposure to strobe lights exercise the eyes to perceive certain frequencies of light, there for enhances ones ability to see ghosts.


15. Van De Graaff Machine (experiment)

The theory is that IF a ghost (for want of many terms) is made of energy, which could be weak energy, then by charging the room with a machine could enhance the chances of viewing something.



Our Equipment Setup 2011

Our Equipment Setup 2010