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Paranormal Public Liability Insurance






Its never been so easy to get paranormal public liability insurance!!


Project-reveal is  proud to announce that we are working with Westminster Indemnity, a specialist insurance company to bring to you paranormal public liability insurance for your ghost investigations, public ghost hunts, mediumship, psychic readings, and much more at a discounted rate  for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover to all of your members, This is defentaly the easest and cheapest way to get paranormal insurance!


want it at minimum cost and hassle.  Well, Westminster Indemnity provides the solution.


For the standard premium, this insurance provides £1,000,000 cover for over 250 different business practices, with no extra charge for adding any additional people to the policy, such as employees or partners, or for multiple business practices.


What’s more, the application, payment and certificate issue are all done on line – in a matter of minutes. No waiting, no paper, no hassle!


To get your insurance the easy way and at a price you know will please, click on the link below to obtain a quote.


Guaranteed to be the cheapest and easiest way to get Paranormal Public Liability Insurance

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