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Paranormal Ghost Hunting Magazine


A unique collectable paranormal magazine for you ghost hunters, and enthusiasts to enjoy.

Presented in the style of steampunk,


Read the world’s most famous chilling cases, and ghost stories, with hand drawn illustrations,

Learn the A to Z of the Paranormal,

Learn the secrets of the ghost hunting community,

See what paranormal equipment or HOT or NOT.


Our Paranormal magazine will spark your imagination with real documented events, just how alone are we?


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Ghost Hunting Magazine 

Issue 2

Due date. 31st October 2013

If you would like to appear in our books, please send us your ghost storys and pictures here


If you would like to submit a book to sell on our store, Please click here. "first 2 books will be submited free" there after its £30 each for 1 year.

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Ghost Hunting Magazine 

Issue 1


















Famous Hauntings: Borley Rectory,

Pontefract Poltergeist,

Paranormal A to Z

Old Traditions

Paranormal equiment

How to make..

New hauntings..

Ghost Pictures..


And more!