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Project-reveal  TV

The Paranormal Tv channel for ghosts, hauntings, occurrences and investigations.


LIVE Paranormal Questions and answers TV show, every fortnight.

Next Aired: 1st, November - 9.00 pm UK.


Welcome to Project-reveal paranormal Tv channel of ghosts, Hauntings, and investigation is a South Yorkshire based paranormal Investigations group, who investigate the ghost sighting of Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Banrnsley and beyond south yorkshire.


Please Leave us Questions on the paranormal in the Comments box, and we will answer them on every show, if you miss our show down worrie the footage goes onto youtube and is repearted on our tv channel and also will be able to view it on demand through our Tv channel Below. Thanks.


Tune In and watch project-reveal TV as they tackle the world of the paranormal!! 4th October!


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