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Paranormal Stories true 2012.


Here you will find real ghost stories sent in by YOU our viewers.

Feel free to read our many user sent in ghost stories of what spine chilling experiences they have had.

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My girlfriend took this picture while visiting the Baltimore

Aquarium.  After she took this it was aparent there was a reflection of some

girl. She is afraid to even look at it but it intrigues me. If anyone can tell

me what year her wrap may be from or if anything looks familiar to please tell

me. I first thought she was trying to fool me but after a week she still swears

up and down she didnt doctor the photo I belive her.


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julie watkins

2012 - 05 - 16


picture taken with my mobile phone no flash.took of a lantern we were lighting

for the two year  aniversary of the death of my grandson who died age one year .

it clearly shows a aura...which i think looks like my grandson..even

stranger..when the picture was zoomed in there is a clear image of my

motherlooking out the window looking down at us..she died only eight weeks



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