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We are a paranormal ghosts investigations group of 6 people, based in South Yorkshire, Rotherham who investigates ghost sightings, and paranormal activity in and around the Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and other surrounding  Areas.


Project-reveal always take an open minded approach to the paranormal and aims for a professional investigations with elements of scientific and spiritualism activitys, we always try to fine natural causes for activity and present our evidence to you to make up your own mind.


Working to get the best results we can from an investigation we have a huge array of equipment such as: See Our Equipment E.M.F Meters, CCTV with infrared, Camcorders with night-shot, Dictaphones, EVP devices such as EFP and RT DAS EVP, Franks box's, IR Flood lights, Flash Camera's, Thermometers, Boom Mic for EVP, Radios, also we use a Van Der Graaf, Plasma ball, and strobe light for experiments and plenty more!


If You Are Truly Haunted, We Have The Equipment To Find Out


We have a selection of photos, Videos, EVPs and always adding more, so its always worth checking.

We also have a list of investigations and events planned, and welcome any ideas or questions you might have.

Feel free to e-mail us anytime.

**Disclaimer** The article’s / pictures that we show on our site, no way proves as evidence of the paranormal and doesn’t encourage that ghosts are real / but does mean the field is in need of investigating. The article’s are basically theories / methods / of interest’s for all audiences You take full responsibly of reading our articles, and doing the methods or theories shown, Project reveal will not be responsible for any outcome

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New Blog Page

This is were you can find extra updates.


Meet the team

Updated with the teams profiles, and pictures. 

22nd Aug.


Wardsend Cemetery Invest

Updated with maps.


looking for Investigations!

We do not charge unless you want to make a public investigation which is ticket based and split.


New Portal / Intro page

This is were you can find, all our media services in one location! Click here


Nation wide Paranormal Investigation

On the 24th April, 2011 St Marks Eve.  Join our biggest ever ghost investigation. Keep us updated with whats going off around you! Contact us or Text us on:  07562170106 - We will read your live updates of the night.

More info


EVP Recordings 2011

The new page which will show you our evps, and is the place to learn about EVP


Many investigations, sightings and GREAT news to come!


Update sheet for the past 3 months will be uploaded towards end of month


New Items in Shop


Loads of changes to site

Take a look around


Project-reveal is now offering

Paranormal Public Liability Insurance

With Westminster indemnity

Click here to get your quote.


New Investigation Added

Roche Abbey 2


New Investigation added

Barnsley Graveyard


Bolling Hall Ghost Hunt

15th October - £50.00 per ticket

buy 5 get 6th free.


New Article

Why Should You Come To Our Ghost

Hunt Events


Enter Our Competition

To Win Free Paranormal Equipment

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New Investigation Added 11/12/11

Old Queens Head Ghosts Sheffield.


New Investigation Added

Wombwell Wood Ghosts.


Sheffield ghosts

Doncaster ghosts

rotherham ghosts

barnsley ghosts


Main Page Updated.


New Ghost Investigation -

Tankerlsey Manor hotel


New Investigation - Cannon Hall.


New Index Page - cryptozoology


New page - paranormal-terminologys


New page - what-is-a-apparition


New page - what-is-a-entity


New page - What is a Ghost


New page - what-is-automatic-art


New page - what-is-automatic-writing


New page - what is a electromagnetic field.


New page - What is the-singapore-theory.


New page - what-is-cryptozoology


New page - the-dragon-of-wantley


New page - what-are-large-cats


New page - Is it a bird - is it a plane...


New page - spring Heeled Jack.


new page - The Screeming Picture


New page - What is EVP


New Investigation Video

Cafe Sports Pub - Old Roxy icture House Ghost investigation


New investigation Video

Miners Arms Ghost investigation


New Investigation Video

Swinton Private house Ghost Investigation


New Page Added under Tab "Videos"

Best Evidence  Of The Paranormal


New Page / Tab Selection under "Investigations"

Paranormal Investigation Training Nights


New Page  

True Paranormal Ghost Investigations Videos 2010


New Video Investigation Added

Thornseat Lodge Paranormal Investigation.


New Article

RT DAS EVP - Real Time EVP Recorder.


Tv Channel Page Added

Project-reveal tv / Paranormal tv channel


Hellaby Hall Paranormal Investigation added.

Nealy 3 hour of footage!!! Click here to watch.


All New Paranormal Directory


Log Sheets for Paranormal Investigations


New News system

Find all the latest news about

Ghosts, ufos, parapsychology, and paranormal organizations


New South yorkshire Ghost Sightings

New Index and layout + more info.


Investigation Tabs

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New Forum Board - Click here


New Article - The Doncaster Poltergiest



roche abbey

Next Live Show:

This Sunday 22nd Jan, 2011. 8pm


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Newist Video Uploaded..

Bolling Hall Ghosts.