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Promotion Services For Ghost hunters.

For your websites, youtube channel, facebook, and twitter.


Are you a new Paranormal field and want to be noticed? or do you have a video you want people to think wow.


Promote your events, your website with re tweets with a url and tags,

Project-reveal have the ability to drive twitter followers, facebook likes, youtube views, Subscribers.


  • Having Youtube followers, views, and likes, Really does help promote your videos, and give your video a better rank on youtube, and google search results.


  • Having twitter followers - allows your content to be seen more world wide, which is great advertisment and the more chance of been re tweeted, although you can buy re tweets for us :)


  • Youtube Subscribers - The more youtube subscribers you gain the more your videos will be viewed, and the more chance people will follow you due to the ammount already subscribed to you.


  • Facebook fan page likes, is a great way to get popular fast! the more fans the more your content will go viral, and spread.


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Youtube Services

Buy real youtube Video Views

Buy real youtube Subscribers

Buy real youtube Likes.

YOUTUBE PACKAGES "a mixture of all"


Twitter Services

Buy real twitter followers

Buy real twitter re tweets

Buy Real Twitter URL tweets.


Facebook Services

Buy real facebook Fan page Likes

Facebook Website Likes.



Most Popular


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1000 Youtube subscribers £25.00



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1000 Facebook Fanpage Likes £55.00



100 Youtube video Likes - £15.00



5000 Youtube video views - £35.00 (saved £15.00)






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