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Ghost Hunting Events 2011.

Public Paranormal Ghost hunts, Invesigations in UK 2011

This page will list and show you the Ghost hunts and investigations in 2011, what project-reveal is opening up to the public in and out of south yorkshire!


Our Investigations intail:

Methods of investigation never before seen, Experiments Never Seen Before On TV.

learn about the paranormal and its equipments, Use Paranormal equipment.

New Equipment "not even seen on most haunted or Taps"

Be a Paranormal Investigator for a night!

If you dare!!

 Index of Investigation open to public

Click on the investigation link you would like to view / watch.

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Bolling Hall Ghost Hunts Investigation OCTOBER 2011

Event Date: 8th October - 8pm-4am

The Cheapest ticket price ever! £50.00 

(buy 5 Tickets get your 6th free)


Activity Reports

With the earliest paranormal sighting at this manor house being recorded in the 17 century and a consistent, regular and ever growing list of occurrences to this day.


Project-reveal are pleased to be able to offer unrestricted access to this very active manor house. Recorded activities include phantom children, moving furniture, orbs and noises a plenty plus much more. Join us to discover what else waits behind the doors at Bolling hall.


snacks, hot and cold drinks available all night.

secure your spaces today for only £20

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Bolling Hall - Bowling Hall Road, Bradford, BD4 7LP

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Hack Green Nuclear Bunker - Swinton -  

P.O. Box 127, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 8AQ

SATNAV Postcode Location - CW5 8BL or CW5 8AP


Date: Satday - 22nd, October, 2011

Price: £40.00 a Ticket.  

Investigation Start: 9.00 pm - Finish Time : 3.00 am


There have been a number of television and radio investigations including

"Most Haunted" at the bunker complex. In this vast complex the labyrinth of

 corridors and rooms seem to hold more secrets than just military ones.

From the Great Fire of Nantwich and the Civil War through two world wars and

into the pote...ntial Nuclear Conflicts of the modern age, the Hack Green site has

been the location of many battles and deaths for over 500 years.

Read more!

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

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hack green 1

The Royal Hotel, White Bear.



Price: £20.00

Investigation Start: 




Royal hotel.

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A Rare Sheffield Investigation.

FOR Charity


Ghost hunting @

Carbrook Hall, Sheffields Most Haunted Public house. on 27st October. 10:00 pm Start


£15.00 a ticket



Dare you investigate one of UK's most historic places.

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