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Rawmarsh Graveyard Ghost Sightings


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Info On The Place: Rawmarsh St Mary's Parish Church, which dominates the view at the top of Rawmarsh Hill. There has been a church in the town since Norman times (c.1127) but the earliest recorded rector was William de Sutton who was instituted on 6 June 1227. The current church was completed in 1838 when the tower was increased in height and the rest rebuilt, J. P. Pritchett being the architect. In 1869 the tower began to collapse and was rebuilt incorporating features of the original Norman doorway. In 1894 the sanctuary was enlarged and the vestry, organ chamber and north porch added


Information on the ghost sightings / hauntings:

Rawmarsh graveyard is in project-reveal's home town, and many people have reported paranormal activity at the graveyard, Few ghost hunting teams have been down there and quickly left, people have have gotten strange mists on flash camera, and also many orbs.


Reportings of been choked.

There has been many reports of people been choked once they reached a certain area near the bottom of the graveyard. Now what is really interesting is they all have been female.


Black shadows

Now not much on this.. but there as been a few people who have seen a black shadow moving in and out of the trees in the distance.

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