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Welcome to our Services Page, Here you will be able to choose from services that we are proud to offer

Shuch as: Free Private paranormal Investigation, Training Night, Party booking, Staff "team" Building Night

Also a range of other services for paranormal Investigators, shuch as Book Production, Publish your group website, videos, facebook, etc.. all in one app on Andoid market, Promotion Trailer Filming, DVD production, Film Production

Staff Bonding / Team Building Nights & Parties

Guests : 5 - 30 People.

Price :    £200.00

Length: 4 - 5 Hours.


Info: Our nights are all about Learning, and Working as

a team to understand the true paranormal field.

Giving you a true Ghost Hunting Experiance


What you get.

Introduction To The Team

Introduction To Ghost Hunting Field.

Introduction To Paranormal Equipment


We will then split people up into teams with members of project-reveal To Investigate the Property.


The Use of Equipment

 "Camcorders, emf meters, EVP Recorders, IR Guns, Full Spectrum Camera's, REAL TIME Voice recorders + much much more"


Plus Never before seen Experiments

Footage filmed for our website and youtube.

Pictures uploaded on facebook.




You need to have a venue, "your workplace, or property you own"

If you are out of south yorkshire please contact us first, with your location.

Once you have send payment Email to book the day.




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Google Play - Website Submission -

All you need is a website.


Price :    £70.00 (One off Payment)

Length: 4 - 5 Hours.


Info: Just One Off Payment, we will submit your website to google play as an Android APP.

for all android users on the market to download, you can also link the Google play app to your website for your visitors to download as well.


If you want to reach more people, making an app is the way to go.

Impress you friends, with the proof of your website on the APP Makrtet.


Choose Your App Title



Click here to see our Published Apps.

It will be down to you to Promote your app Once made.





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Request A Investigation


Publish A Book


Film Production


Corporate Events


Android App Development (£50.00)


DVD Production


Public Ghost Hunts


Party - Team Building Night


Promotion Trailer


Paranormal Investigation Courses