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Here you will find Options to buy diffrent types of Ghost Huntings equipments for use in  your Paranormal Investigations, like  EMF Meters, EVP Recorders, and other ghost hunting gadgets.. Have a good look at our shop.

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New Ghost Hunting Device

Detect a ghosts movemnt pattern with our ES Meter

£8.00 Free P&P uk ony


Or 3 for £20.00 saving you £4



The NEW ES Meter, Detect a ghosts movement pattern with our ES meter


ES stands for electro static, It is a theory that ghosts use electro static and give off electro static.


This meter is designed to pick up that electro static. It can also act as a EMF meter.


This meter is very sensitive, it will pick up on your own ES, as proven by this video.


How it works


The Red LED Will stay lit on ES function, and when any ES comes towards the meter the red light will turn on. When the ES moves away it will turn back on.


It is a good idea to have a few of these meters and make a path and ask the ghost to walk towards the door, and see the red lights dim one by one. As if the spirit is walking to the door.


EMF setting you need to touch the Probe on the box, which enables the EMF setting, The lights will Reverse order… Now the light will turn off, and when anything with an EMF comes towards it, it will Light up like a k2 Meter.


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