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 Signs Of A Ghost Present


signs of a ghost present.


The most common signs of a ghosts present / spirits around your house is:-


Cold spots - This is were a room in your house has a strange cold spot, were the rest of the area in the same room feels the same but that 1 area doesn’t.


Goose bumps - This is were at any point when you are in your house you get goose bumps for no apparent reason and also you go slightly cold or the hairs on your body stand up.


Strange noise - For example this is when you can hear a small gargling sound. This noise can be a spirit.


Electrical faults - This is were you have an electrical fault in your house were a electrician has been and cant fix the problem.


Lights dulling - Spirits take up a certain amount of energy therefore when around they can drain the power from your lights making them dim.


Lights flickering - This is were lights flicker when they normally don’t!, this normally happens when contacting spirits.


A fire smell - This can be a spirit who is around and has a musty kind of fire or burning smell.


Sounds of voice - This one is common, this is were you are outside talking about something and when you walk into the house a similar voice copies you ( when no one is there).


Footsteps - well this explains itself.


Now for more serious ghosts / poltergeists


All of the above can be added in this category aswel.

These are the signs to look for -


A fire smell or a smell of burning flesh ( sulphur) - Trust me you will know when you come across this smell it is foul and not nice at all.


Objects moving or changing positions  - This is were you put a object down and you come back seconds later and its somewhere else.


 Things banging at night - This is were you are trying to sleep and you hear strange banging sounds, for example cupboards and doors.




Objects floating in front of you - Well this explains itself.


Stuff being stacked!! - This is were you have boxes or something similar what you can stack, its well documented that poltergeists like to stack objects.


Re arrangement of things in your house - Well yet again this explains itself, it is were you go out for a while and when you arrive back at your house all of your things have been moved from there original position.


Complete mess - This is were you come back to your house and see that your house is a complete mess, looking like you‘ve been burgled.



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