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Stocksbridge Bypass Ghost Sightings


This is the Ghost sightings page for Stocksbridge Bypass Sheffield.

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stocksbrdige bypass ghost sightings page

Stocksbrdige Bypass Paranormal Investigation

Information on the ghost sightings / haunting at

Stocksbridge Bypass


Stocksbridge bypass was constructed in the 1980s and has created media interest throughout its time,due to some of the strange goings on that have occurred.


Bangs On Your Car

Police also have reported that a figure and strange bangs were heard while doing their vigil up there after receiving a number of reports from workmen saying they had witnessed strange happenings


The Little girls around the pylons

It is know by many that a few little girls dance around the pylons sining "rind around a rose" , some have heard strange bangs and tabs on the pylons.


The Monk On The Bridge

Another reporting is the monk of stocksbridge, this monk

has been seen walking across the bridge. and also across

the road under the bridge.


The black dog.

A large black dog as been seen down the path next to the

main road, darting across the fields.


Many people go down to stocksbridge to look for ghosts

paranormal groups and the genral day to day person.


Here is a link to the Strange but True Tv programs what

caused alot of media attention..*click text below*


Stocksbridge Bypass strange but true TV video.





Stocksbridge Bypass