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The EVP Field Processor


The E.F.P. has been tested and is commonly used by the

American Paranormal Research Association,

proving to be a valuable tool when conducting E.V.P. investigations


The E.F.P.'s "real time, high visibility" green with red

center LED display, allows others to view E.V.P. responses

easily in dark locations. This feature allows users the

ability to capture E.V.P. evidence on video. The device

has a "white noise/ambient noise baseline adjustment"

allowing the user, to set the baseline level on the devices

illuminated scale. This provides a "visual reference" to

see in real time any "addition" or "reduction" of

proprietary frequency noise. The E.F.P.'s built in circuitry

amplifies input signals to high levels allowing users to

visually monitor E.V.P. responses at higher resolution. The

input to the device has (1) 3.5mm stereo plug used to

connect to any recording devices live audio output

(earphone). The E.F.P. also has (1) 3.5mm audio output

which can be used for earphone or mp3 type speakers.

The E.F.P. has a "manual on/off switch" and built in "push

button single LED navigational light". The E.F.P. operates

on one standard "9volt" battery. The current regulation

circuitry in the device provides hours of use.

* Bright illuminated scale for dark locations

* Displays E.V.P. above and below baseline

* Visually displays hard to hear E.V.P in real time

* Prevents false positives with highly

 sensitive display

* Great learning tool for the beginner

  and the professional

* Calibrated baseline adjustment dial

* Earphone or mp3 speaker jac

* Standard 9volt battery compartmentThe

* Small enclosure approx. (2.75 x 5.0 x 1.0).

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