What moves a pendulum? is it impossble to move a pendulum without touching it?

A paranormal pendulum experiment
 never been seen before - Some people think you can contact ghosts through a pendulum, some people thinks its your subconscious what moves the pendulum, and yet other think You move the pendulum on purpose. I may have proof here that will back up those who Know they dont move, but the pendulum moves.

its a fact that We human all have our own charge of static electricity, and i am in theory of that those with the highest charge can move a pendulum, Not intended, So here is my experiment to see if it work.

i have a van de Graaf with a pendulum attached to the side of it.
The van de graaf produces Static electricity, so the pendulum will be having a flow of static electricity.
If im right the pendulum will move without any Human contact, No wind no strings are involved at all.


  1. Interesting project. Does the pendulum have a metal chain or is it string? I noticed that it switched it's swing pattern, does that indicate the swing pattern displayed is purely random chance? Oh, and can you describe what a van de graaf generator does - and why you swung a 2nd metal ball in at times?

    (Posted on 2010-01-26 12:31:00 by )
  2. People use an electric generator in order to produce ions in the imediate area ie; a room or hall. Anomilys can use these ions as sort of building blocks in order to manifest. A spirit or anomily would use ions in the atmosphere to manifest ,but a damp environment or one quite humidiouse will make it difficult for them to do this, so we give it as many ions as we can to assist it. If a spirit is becomeing a nusence people sometimes use a humidifier to produce a damp environment to stop manifestation. A pendulam is merely a way for a person to allow a spirit to direct a psychic impulse through an object in order to answer a question. How sticking a pendulum on a electrical generator will have any effect is confusing to me. These are pieces of equipment which have almost no if any relavence to each other in a psychic environment ? Please explain your method and proposed conclusion as I am confused.

    (Posted on 2010-01-03 03:25:00 by )
  3. Nice little experiment, now you just need prove that a human or humans can generate enough power to affect the pendulum, without having direct contact to the pendulum itself.

    (Posted on 2009-11-24 19:03:00 by )
  4. I wonder if you got the same results using a stone or wooden pendulum with string, twine or leather?

    (Posted on 2009-11-15 05:15:00 by )

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