What moves a pendulum? is it impossble to move a pendulum without touching it?


A paranormal pendulum experiment

 never been seen before - Some people think you can contact ghosts through a pendulum, some people thinks its your subconscious what moves the pendulum, and yet other think You move the pendulum on purpose. I may have proof here that will back up those who Know they dont move, but the pendulum moves.


its a fact that We human all have our own charge of static electricity, and i am in theory of that those with the highest charge can move a pendulum, Not intended, So here is my experiment to see if it work.


i have a van de Graaf with a pendulum attached to the side of it.

The van de graaf produces Static electricity, so the pendulum will be having a flow of static electricity.

If im right the pendulum will move without any Human contact, No wind no strings are involved at all.


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