Meet the team of our paranormal investigators based in south yorkshire.

Project-reveal Is a dedicated group of friends who all share a passion and a thirst for knowledge into the paranormal field of the unknown..


We currently consist of 6 members who are all friendly, approachable and easy to talk to some are believers, some sceptics, others sensitive or just plain open minded.


Project-reveal always aims for a professional approach to the investigations with elements of scientific and spiritualism activitys, we always try to fine natural causes for activity and present our evidence to you to make up your own mind.


Here are our team of dedicated investigators and there roles within the group.

Meet The Team



south yorkshire Paranormal Investigators

Lee s Lee s_Charcoal_1 wayne wayne_Charcoal_1 Paul_Charcoal_1 Paul

Lee Steer

DOB: 28 - 08 - 1986

Project-reveal Owner

I am from rotherham, south yorkshire and other then the paranormal i love rock music like to play games, i like a drink everynow and then i like horror and comedy films  , and i currently working at farmfoods in parkgate rotherham.

I have been into the paranormal for years and years due to personal encounters, so it is a huge intrest of mine.

Wayne Essex

Born 1st November 1981

Tech Manager


I would like to say that at one time I would have called myself the biggest sceptic in the world, if someone had tried to suggest to me that they had seen a ghost, I would have suggested they see a doctor. All that changed a short while ago. I started to notice odd things appearing in both photographs and video that I had shot of my son. It did not matter what camera I used, the anomalies would always be there.


The next thing to get my interest and start to worry me a little was dark shadows moving around the house....


I knew that what I was experiencing was no figment of the imagination and that it was real. I started to do some research to see if I could find an explanation.

Mark Smith

Born 14th November 1984

Case Manager / Paranormal Investigator


Up until my early 20's I never believed in anything of the paranormal kind.Infact i never wanted to believe as i was afraid of the unknown.Then, one day, a few years ago, someone suggested we go on a ghost hunt with them, with remorse I accepted the offer.It was this ghost hunt that changed my life and beliefs forever.


Since that night, I have had hundreds of encounters, good and bad, with the spirit world.I have also developed myself spiritually and mentally to allow myself to work with spirit.With the help of my spirit guides  I believe that one day, we can show you the truth......that life after death is real.


You just need to open you mind up to it, like I did, to see it and believe it.


Born 19th September 1981

Equipment Spec - Paranormal investigator


I always liked watching programs like Most Haunted, T.A.P.S etc and always believed that we were surrounded by the ghost world, but when me and my partner moved homes things started to happen like things moving doors opening etc along with hearing foot steps, seeing a man walking the kitchen also hearing children and adults talking which other family and friends have also witnessed in our home.

Was asked by the owner of Project reveal (Lee Steer) if i would like to join them not so long ago, and hope to stay and have some good adventures and maybe develop more and speak with the other side.


DOB: 28 - 08 - 1986

Project-reveal Manager

Info coming soon.

Dave & Andrea

Born 19th September 1981

Equipment Spec - Paranormal investigator


Info coming