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Project-reveal  TV

Paranormal Tv channel


Project-reveal paranormal Tv channel of ghosts, Huantings, and investigation is a South Yorkshire based paranormal Investigations group, who investigate the ghost sighting of

Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Banrnsley and beyond south yorkshire.


Our job is to prove or disprove the paranormal happenings, with a team of Sceptics, belivers and mediums.. with a huge array of equipment which includs

Flash camera's - Dictaphones - Boundry Mics - Beam Barriers - Emf meters - tri frield meters - Van dee graaf - Plasma balls - IR Lights - CCTV -

Even spiritual tools like Oujia boards - Pendulums - franks box's and  Spiritual / Scientific Experiments like no other!!


Tune In and watch project-reveal TV as they tackle the world of the paranormal!!


Project-reveal TV

Full Length Investigations Of Project-Reveal. - Secert Footage Which Isnt On "Youtube" - Live Investigations - Interviews - Web Cams + Much more!

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Live Q and A's On The Paranormal Archive:


18th October Live


4th October Live