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EMF Stands for Electro Magnetic Field,

People say ghosts / spirits are made of EMF and that they can also use

emf's to manifest or do something.


So people use EMF meter, to indicate when a ghost is trying to do something.

However there is a alot of natural man made things which produce EMF, and is best to check your location for natural EMF.


These are the things what we at project-reveal have found to give off EMFS:


Mobile Phones - Turn onto Airplane mode to avoid Faulse EMFS.

Wifi - from Broadband and Phone.

Light Fittings - can give off EMF, its best to check all, if they give off EMF when turned off i would suggest to let the home owner a possible danger..

Plug Sockets - Yet again these shouldnt give off EMF, and if you find some please inform the owner.

Fuse Boxes  - These normaly can give off a HIGH emf.. but is pretty normal.

Phone Masses, Always scout your Location for Phone masses, as they could give the ODD , Random EMF.


Hope this explanes abit about EMF.

Thank you.

Lee steer.

What Is EMF