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Why Do Ghost Hunters Investigate in the night





This is a common question but yet no real answers have been given out there to search. so here if our answers.

The reason i write this is because on a few paranormal forums people said


 "I am always amazed, that whenever i watch any ghost hunting footage, it is almost always shot at night.Now i know that shooting footage at night, makes things feel more scarey for some, but it's very hard to see ghost's in the dark, that is unless, you are very lucky enough to find one that glows in the dark.So why do people continue to go ghost hunting at night? I am very sure, the dead are very happy to work during the day aswell. Who knows they may even sleep at night, only to come out on nightshift to scare the punters, sorry meant hunters. hard to tell these days, ghost hunting is big business and makes loads of money. Even if they cant see anything."


My Responce was the below which will answer your question why do ghost hunters investigate at night?


I agree ghost hunting does make alot of money for those who are in it for the money and couldnt care less.

For people like me who have a passion i dont do this for the money i do it for the passion and intrest of the field.


Now i also agree MOST of footage is shot at night and ghost hunters do go out at night mostly..

We have been known to go out in day. because i personally do not think ghosts would be out at night when its normal to sleep.. through re search over 90% of ghost sightings are in day.. and happen through the day.


But there are reasons why ghost hunters "paranormal investigators" go out in the night...


Less noise "cars, traffic etc."

Less people about to interfear.


Yes you cant see well in the dark but thats why people use Different spectrums to help see in the dark. IR UV FULLSPECTRUM. as our eyes cannot see IR and true UV. MAYBE just maybe spirits could lurk in this spectrum of light. "not my beleif"


there is also alot more equipment which you can use Better and more effective at night.


However i think we must encourage teams to investigate in day. However investigating at night and day have both advantages and disadvantages.

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